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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

Waiting for comments from viewers

me nundi comments kosam wait chestunna.Inka chaala jokes unnai post givve ur comments on this will be encouraging...i have enabled anonymous comments so anyone can comment without logging in.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some more Classic Mallik cartoons

Mallik cartoon:"He he!Fresh air couldnt get through those bar!!so.."

Mallik Cartoon:"Dont need for those expression today!your mother cooked it today!"

Mallik cartoon:"I have nt broke the glass today!!why r so angry?"

Mallik Cartoon:"sry sita!my heart broke,When u took back the choc that u gave me!its tough to control now!"

Mallik Cartoon: "I guess someone is trying to sneak in!he he"

Mallik Cartoon:"Dad.Tution teacher gave kiss to me because i study well...but why did she kiss u?"

Mallik Cartoon:"You can jump into problem..but why dont u remove that new saree?"

Mallik Cartoon: "Excuse me your honour!can u pass on that hammer a momment!there is a nail came out a little bit in this bone!!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another set of mallik telugu cartoons

Mallik cartoon:"Oh!so may files on my very busy u knw?"

Mallik Cartoon:"Nothing serious...the jokes n novels in magazine he purchased were not good"

Mallik Cartoon:"Which stupid sold u rat killing medicine"

Mallik cartoon:"No not a nervous weakness..just practicing break dance for his next show"

Mallik Cartoon:"Its going so fast.there must be some problem with the engine"

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mallik jokes continued....

cartoon:"Heard that u acted without dupe in this was the experience"

cartoon:"When i came for deposits u r saluting me and now if i come for loan!!!"

Here comes few more mallik telugu jokes:

cartoon:"I am his wife.He is afraid to come to office as its late today"

cartoon:"can i take divorce if i do a registered marriage"

cartoon:"its not leaving even a single bit of cloth"

cartoon:"y dont walk properly on road!!its getting late to movie n am going...go back home once u r out"

cartoon:"cant u wait till the injury is cured"

cartoon:Too mush rush in the train..hehehe

cartoon:Thaugt of cooking chickn biryani,pongal,mutton etc...."
but i felt lazy and cooked only rasam today.

cartoon:our VCR is not working..did u hear?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

First set of cartoons

This blog is created for the telugu people who are mad about mallik cartoons.
Mallik is one of the best cartoonist in telugu magazines and i rate him as number one in the telugu magazine world. His Jokes and their pictorial representation make you laugh out loud.

He made his mark in telugu cartoon world with his published cartoons in telugu magazines like andra bhumi etc.

Telugu cartoons created by mallik are very humorous.

"Heard enough about your kids mischiefs,please leave me now...i had work to do at home"

"After a Deep thought, In order to improve overall productivity at our office, I am giving a double increment to u. The only expectation is that you cover up properly"

"So u r still coming in disguise to spy on me"

"why do you force him when he don't know how to dance?"

So! You are not really worried about faltu awards that Govt decides! Great! Can you also comment on why you recent movies were continuous duds?

"Everyone was frightening me like a hell that a ghost is in the neighbourhood! Hi Hi! I am lucky to get such a beautiful neighbor!Nice to meet you!"

Mallik cartoons from various sources.I will keep updating the site with more.

"So the enemies started counter attack??"

More jokes to be uploaded tommorow.
Please post comments if you like them..
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